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Introduction to Ripple

Seafarer's Examination Portal.

Every medical examination require accurate and reliable presentation of gathered data, but vast amount of data and various different report formats makes it complicated.

Ripple is cloud based, integrated application designed specifically for sea-fearer medical examination centers. Idea behind ripple is to gather and provide information quickly and accurately in desired report format. It offers simplified information handling process resulting in minimal operational complexity.

With Ripple, examiner can have more flexibility, improved traceability and faster report generation without any major infrastructure change or costly resource adaptation. Ripple intends to provide simple work environment which will answer most of problems faced by any Medical Examiner in their day-to-day operations.


tick Daily Operational Convenience

tick Better Control & Monitoring

tick Automated Error free billing

tick Quick data capture & representation

tick Data accuracy and integrity

tick High availability of data

tick Secure, geo-location transparent access

tick Error free, simple work environment









tick Quick and easy information availability

tick Input once and multiple usage

tick One Click Reporting

tick Highly Customizable reports

tick Comprehensive billing

tick User friendly & easy to operate GUI

tick Unique Web-portal access for clients

tick High security & scalability

tick Easy accounting

tick Real-time examination tracking

tick In-depth MIS reporting

tick Expense Management


tick Pre-Employment Medical

tick Vaccination Module

tick Referral Module

tick Voucher & Refund Module

tick Post-Employment Medical

tick Alerts and Reminders

tick Pathology Lab Management

tick Billing and Accounting

tick Inventory Management

tick Revenue & Expense Module

tick In-depth MIS reporting

tick Document Storage Management